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We help people live healthier lives

At Curalie, we always think and act from the user’s perspective. We develop digital product solutions that help people lead more conscious, healthier lives. Ultimately, that benefits everyone. By giving people the tools they need to take control of their own health, we are also easing the strain on doctors and therapists – and thus on the entire health system.

We develop digital health products

  • To provide people with regular motivation for a healthier lifestyle.
  • So those living with chronic illness can lead active, self-determined lives.
  • So doctors and therapists can provide the best possible care for their patients.

Our work focuses on users

In our work as a digital health company, we develop directly for our users. We work with the health experts at Fresenius and Helios, aligning each step in development toward medical requirements. Our solutions are preceded by extensive user testing that reflects our users’ key wishes and needs.

We are different

We develop fresh ideas within a far-reaching network of medical expertise. We emphasize nimble structures and an agile working style. We test our solutions under real-world conditions and adapt them, step by step.

The Curalie group history

  • October 2017Smart.helios is founded; a company that develops e-health products for Helios.
  • October 2018Business model optimization; from accelerator to digital therapeutics provider.
  • November 2019First piloting and patient onboarding to the app and to first product in digital rehabilitation “Tele-Rehab-Aftercare”.
  • March 2020Acquisition of “Digitale Gesundheitsgruppe” (DGG) GmbH, which enables reimbursed market access to provide ambulant care for chronically ill patients.
  • April 2021Acquisition of IBS enables access to an innovative software for resource management in healthcare.
  • October 2021Refocusing the business model from B2B2C to B2C with the tele-medical service and free programs.
  • January 2022Launch of the first B2C marketing campaign with 100k app downloads. Go live of the free programs “Full Body Workout”, “Corona positiv” and “Gesunder Rücken”.
  • March 2022Launch of the first yoga program “Yoga für Einsteiger”.
  • April 2022Show Cube opening event in Leipzig together with Global.Health aiming to scale Curalie internationally with focus on low- and middle-income countries. In Addition, launch of the first free meditation program “Fokusmeditation”.
  • August 2022Market Entry in Kenya together with Global.Health

Our Guiding Principles

Petra Fellmann


Working for Curalie means to serve a greater good. That motivates me every day. Our vision offers the possibility to make the world a better place.

Ahmed Hassanein


Curalie is a special employer because we pursue a great mission. I have amazing colleagues with whom I work collaboratively on interesting technical challenges.

Katarzyna Obarzanowska


To me, working for Curalie means keeping the users in focus at all times. Addressing their needs is not only an exciting creative challenge but also a big responsibility

Tessa Mora


For me, the deciding factor to work at Curalie was that the structures are modern, we have the option to work from home or inside the office and I am part of a dedicated team.

Maryam Mahmoudi


Working for Curalie means mixing tec and healthcare, in order to help fellow human beings to have a better life. This makes my work beautiful.

How we work

We are always learning new things

We support our employees’ drive to expand on existing skills and expertise, grow on a personal level, and expand their horizons through dialogue with others. There are opportunities for all these things in everything we do, no matter where – whether during online continuing education or at a meeting over table tennis.

Diversity is a valuable addition

We work in diverse product teams to analyze challenges from various perspectives. Not just from different disciplines, but also on a multicultural basis. We come from India, Italy, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and Germany. This diversity is a valuable addition for us, both professionally and at the human level.

Agile approaches get the job done

We value teamwork and learning effects, which is why agile product development is perfect for us. Scrum and kanban make us fast, adaptable, and ready for new challenges. Our long-range goal is to harness agile working and flexible products to help people lead healthier lives.

Strong partners by our side


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We are looking for motivated employees who are excited about our idea of empowering others to lead healthier lives.