We Help People Live Healthier Lives.

At Curalie, we think and act from the user’s perspective. We develop digital product solutions that help people live healthier lives, benefitting everyone. By setting value on individual responsibility, we relieve doctors and therapists and, therefore, the entire healthcare system. 

We Develop Digital Health Products

  • For people to get regular motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

  • For chronically ill patients to lead an active and independent life.

  • For doctors and therapists to care for their patients in the best possible way. 


User-Oriented Services

As a digital health company, we develop our services directly for our users. In collaboration with health experts of Helios and VAMED hospitals, we coordinate every step of development with medical requirements. Our solutions are preceded by extensive user testing that reflects our user’s central wishes and needs.

We Are Different

We develop fresh ideas within a global network of medical experts. We value flexible structures and agile ways of working. Our solution approach is tested under real conditions, and we adjust it step by step.


Our Way of Working

We are constantly learning

We promote our employees’ self-motivation to expand existing skills, encourage personal growth and broaden their horizons through exchange with others. The opportunities present themselves always and everywhere – whether during online courses or meeting at the ping-pong table.

Diversity enriches us

Our diverse product teams analyze challenges from different perspectives. Not just in a multidisciplinary way but also multiculturally. We come from India, Italy, Columbia, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, and Germany. Our diversity enriches us professionally and personally.

Agility leads to the goal

We value teamwork and learning effects – that is why agile product development is made for us. Thanks to Scrum and Kaban, we are fast, adaptable, and ready for new challenges. Our long-term goal is to contribute to healthier living through agile work and flexible products.

We are located in the heart of Berlin

Office Location
Curalie GmbH
Leipziger Straße 61A
10117 Berlin