Remote Rehab Aftercare

Orthopedic Aftercare At Home

Curalie’s aftercare programs unite the benefits of multi-modal therapies in one mobile app: Exercise therapy, relaxation exercises, and health education. Your current therapy unit is always available for you, anytime, anywhere. We currently offer remote rehab aftercare for patients with orthopedic conditions, such as hip or knee replacement or chronic back pain.

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For patients with:

Hip replacement

Knee replacement

Chronic back pain

Provider Benefits:

  • Efficient patient care Available anytime, anyplace

  • Variety of relaxation techniques

  • Individual therapy and workout plan

  • Multi-modal, clear content  (physiotherapeutic exercises, education units)

  • Monitoring of important health parameters

  • The patient can forward feedback directly

Customized Therapy Plans

The exercise program is tailored to the patients’ individual needs and adjustable with just a few clicks. Step by step, the patients become more efficient and gain perseverance. We focus on strength, coordination, and flexibility. Therapists give exercise instructions throughout the video

The Variety Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Good health is more than overcoming illness. Curalie wants to support patients every day to put medical insight into practice. The goals: A healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life.

Die Vielfalt eines gesunden Lebensstils​

Gesundheit ist mehr als die Bewältigung von Krankheit. Curalie unterstützt Patienten jeden Tag, medizinische Erkenntnisse praktisch umzusetzen. Die Ziele: ein gesünderer Lebensstil und eine höhere Lebensqualität.

Passgenaue Therapiepläne

Das Trainingsprogramm ist auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse der Patienten abgestimmt und lässt sich mit wenigen Klicks anpassen. So werden die Patienten schrittweise immer leistungsfähiger und ausdauernder. Kraft, Koordination und Beweglichkeit stehen im Fokus der Übungen, die im Video Schritt für Schritt von Therapeuten angeleitet werden.

Health Checks For Testing Results

Thanks to regular health checks, doctors and therapists can keep track of the patient’s health progress. And the patient always knows how far he has come.

Counteracting Stress And Tension

Relaxation exercises, such as breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation, help the body and mind come to rest. Systematic stress relief is an important cornerstone of Remote Rehab Aftercare.

Program Overview

  • Background knowledge about the condition

  • Tips for the daily routine

  • Exercise plans with physiotherapeutic units

  • Stress relief assistance and relaxation exercises

  • Information about nutrition and recipes

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