Heart Guide

Be More Active In Life

The Heart Guide allows you to keep track of your numbers and personal health goals. The program was developed in cooperation with medical experts and is tailored to your needs

An assortment of educational units, a variety of relaxation techniques, and exercise instructions make the Heart Guide an exciting health program for your daily routine.

For patients with:

Coronary heart disease

Cardiac insufficiency

Atrial fibrillation

Feature Overview

  • Background knowledge about the condition

  • Advice for everyday life

  • Documentation of medication and symptoms

  • Help with stress relief

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Regular health questionnaires

  • Diet information and delicious recipes

  • Consolidation exercises

Funktionen im Überblick

  • Hintergrundwissen zur Erkrankung
  • Tipps für den Alltag
  • Dokumentation deiner Gesundheitswerte
  • Dokumentation von Medikamenten und Symptomen
  • Unterstützung beim Stressabbau
  • Entspannungsübungen
  • Regelmäßige Fragebögen zum Gesundheitszustand
  • Informationen zur Ernährung und leckere Rezepte 


A health condition is usually less frightening once you learn more about it. In the program, we explain to you step by step what you can do to stay healthy in the long term and how to manage your heart disease.


A healthy diet contributes to a healthy life. The general recommendation is a colorful and balanced diet. You will receive a delicious recipe every week. 


Physical exercise is important for a healthy and active life. With us, you can work on your endurance, strength, and coordination with. Several smaller exercise units are better than one big unit. It is best to spread the training over the week. Don’t forget to take breaks.


With Curalie, you can document all your vital data and activities and keep track of your numbers.


Abwechslungsreiche Entspannungstechniken wie Atemtraining oder Progressive Muskelentspannung unterstützen dich dabei, zur Ruhe zu kommen und Stress abzubauen.


Bewegung ist wichtig für ein gesundes und aktives Leben. Trainiere mit uns deine Ausdauer, Kraft und Koordination. Dabei gilt: Mehrere kleinere Bewegungseinheiten sind besser als eine große. Verteile dein Training möglichst über die gesamte Woche und gönne dir zwischendurch Pausen. So tust du deinem Körper regelmäßig etwas Gutes.


With Curalie you can easily document your vital data and activities and keep track of all values at all times.

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Our support team can help answer all your questions about Curalie and the programs we offer. However, we are not the right contact for medical questions. If you have an emergency (e.g., severe pain, allergic reactions, etc.), we recommend that you go to a doctor’s office or hospital straight away.

In case of an emergency, please call the emergency medical services: 116117.

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