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Accurately Represents the Apps Identity

Curalie is a Health app that helps users develop a healthier lifestyle and stay healthy in the long run. We support people in taking their health into their own hands. We stand for “Live healthy, get healthy, and stay healthy”. Because we have a mission: Step by step to better health!

With the “Symptom-Check” tool, symptoms can be assessed and, if necessary, clarified with a doctor in a video consultation. The integrated “Health-Check” feature provides information on the current state of the user’s health. After completing a detailed medical questionnaire, the user receives individual recommendations and tips on how to make his life healthier. With various prevention and health programs in the areas of exercise, nutrition, relaxation, and sleep, users can take action themselves. We regularly develop new programs and make them freely available in the App. These programs help users stay focused and motivated to consistently pursue their health goals.

With Curalie, users can keep track of their health by regularly measuring and logging their symptoms, health data, medications, and activities. The Curalie App can also be linked with Google Fit to automatically sync the available Health data.

Curalie is an EU-certified medical device developer and manufacturer, and we place the highest priority on protecting data of our users. We do this by continuously working with IT experts, data specialists, scientists, and of course, doctors.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

What Curalie Does with Google User Data

(a) The user can activate “Google Fit” in the app’s settings for the following items: Blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, steps.

(b) The app then reads those values from Google Fit in intervals and saves a copy.

(c) The user can verify that the values are the same and are not altered in any way.

(d) That way, the user has access to their historic data of measurements and thus can use the app as a “diary”. The app does not give any medical advice or ask the user to take actions based on the stored measurements.

How Curalie Enhances User Functionality

Curalie is highly focused on user needs. Product development is based on usability engineering processes and thus on iterative concept development driven by user needs. Based on app usage data, regular user interviews, and tests, we identify optimization potential and continuously improve and enhance the Curalie app. In parallel, we conduct regular quality checks based on approved usability heuristics. This results in intuitive user guidance through self-explanatory and consistent design. We set great store on accessibility: We follow the web accessibility guidelines regarding colors, fonts, contrast and use of plain language.

Curalie Privacy Policy