A more active everyday life, better control of illness

This blend of knowledge units, information on diet and nutrition, exercises, and relaxation techniques offers you a varied therapy program for day-to-day use.

For the following medical fields:




Internal medicine

Psychosomatic medicine

Diabetes care

Plus cross-indication content on topics such as diet and nutrition, coping with stress, and smoking cessation.


  • Available 24/7
  • No direct contact with others
  • Background knowledge on a variety of health-related topics and illnesses
  • Tips and help for a healthier lifestyle
  • Rehabilitation information
  • Background information on social law

Clear, engaging and easy-to-understand explanations

Our medical and therapeutic experts provide you with easily understood and engaging explanations for complex matters. You can pause at any time and return to important passages repeatedly, all at your own pace.

Always available, easy to use

The Curalie knowledge base is available right in the Curalie app, offering you an extensive library of videos featuring talks on important topics. The videos are sorted by topic and can be used anytime, from anywhere.

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