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Curalie wins multiple marketing awards

Berlin, May 10, 2023. Curalie has racked up three marketing awards at once for its innovative daylight campaign: a gold award in the PlakaDiva competition, first place in the German Media Awards, and silver in the 15th Annual Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media.

© Sonja Herpich

The campaign, which was devised in cooperation with creative agency thjnk and media agency Mediaplus, was intended to raise Curalie’s profile as a fresh health company while also creating direct benefits for people. “By equipping digital billboards with authentic daylight lamps, we were able to bring daylight to people in the darkest season of the year while they got information about our app,” explains Daniela Hommel, CEO of Curalie. “This meant that we were able to help fight the winter blues during the grayest time of the year.”

The idea impressed all three panels of judges, and Curalie won out in these categories against campaigns from McDonald’s, Hinz & Kunzt, which built homeless shelters into billboards, and the Terra X programming series from German broadcaster ZDF. Curalie won its PlakaDiva award in the “Innovative Ideas in Use” category, which recognizes smart mechanisms used to reach selected target groups with outdoor advertising, win them over for a message, and prompt interaction.

The German Media Award is given out for the advertising and communications industry. It is the most important industry award in Germany, supporting creative media planning and bringing broad industry exposure for successful campaigns.

The Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media are given out annually with an international focus. These awards concentrate on innovation in marketing around the globe, recognizing inspirational campaigns for their strategy, impact, and especially their global alignment – which the organizers view as a key quality criterion in an increasingly global world.

“We’re proud that our marketing work, and the product behind it, has been so widely acclaimed. This shows that we are on the right track in building bridges between digital and real-world healthcare,” Hommel says. Curalie’s mission is to help people lead healthier lives. The company takes various approaches in support of that aim, even unconventional ones, since achieving this goal isn’t possible in the digital world alone, Hommel says. Building bridges between a strong digital product and the real world is the crucial factor that creates true added value for the user, like in the case of the daylight campaign.

About Curalie: Curalie is an e-health company based in Berlin, focusing on digital healthcare. Curalie started out in November 2019, launching the app of the same name as a health platform that offers a broad range of content, programs, and features all focusing on health. These include the Symptom-Check feature and video consultations to support patients with acute illness. The Health-Check feature helps with assessment of health-related risk factors and offers suitable prevention options. Curalie focuses on a combination of digital options and personal support provided by medical professionals. Its goal is to make high-quality healthcare accessible to all.