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Food that keeps you healthy: By replacing certain foods with healthier options in the future, you can significantly lower your stroke and heart attack risk. However, without any support diet changes are often difficult to achieve. The prevention course from Schlaganfallbegleitung (Stroke Support) gives you access to comprehensive knowledge about nutrition and effective methods for behavior modification. Each of the ten modules helps you to prevent risk factors such as high blood pressure, blood lipid levels and being overweight, thus protecting your cardiovascular system.

0ne time fee of €90

Individual support

10+1 modules and quizzes for of knowledge reinforcement

12-week duration

health insurance cover 75 to 100 % of cost

Online prevention course: How you can take the course

  1. Select the program “Food that keeps you healthy” in the Curalie app on your smartphone and follow the instructions on the screen. Or: Open this page with the browser on your PC.
  2. Enter your personal data and register.
  3. Complete the 10 modules
  4. Receive the certificate of attendance.
  5. Submit the certificate of attendance to your health insurance and receive the reimbursement.

Course overview

  • Module 1: How are strokes and diet connected?
  • Module 2: Which risk factors can I positively influence with a healthy diet?
  • Module 3: A healthy lifestyle as a means to an end
  • Module 4: A healthy diet – what does that even mean?
  • Module 5: Which factors influence eating behavior?
  • Module 6: A healthy diet in your daily life
  • Module 7: I want to – then I can!
  • Module 8: How to achieve diet changes
  • Module 9: Learning from relapses and overcoming challenges
  • Module 10: Staying physically fit
  • Bonus module: What exactly is a stroke?

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Food that keeps you healthy

Cardiovascular diseases like stroke or high blood pressure are often the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. But this also means, If you can manage to eat healthier and become regularly physically active, you can significantly lower your health risk. The reimbursable and certified prevention course by Schlaganfallbegleitung can support you in this.

The program was developed by Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim von Büdingen, specialist in neurology and psychiatry, and his team. Once you have completed all the modules, you will receive a certificate of attendance. The fee for the prevention course is Euro 90 and is subsidized or reimbursed by German health insurances. A health insurance will pay 75 to 100 percent of the costs. It is best to inform yourself of this amount before you register.

Frequently asked questions

  • For whom is this course suitable?

    This course is aimed at all people who are committed to their own health. It will help you if you want to guard yourself from a stroke or an additional stroke. We specifically encourage those individuals who already suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or being overweight and therefore have a higher risk of stroke.

  • How will I get reimbursed for the course fee?

    After you have completed all the course modules, you will automatically receive the certificate of attendance. Submit this certificate together with the invoice for the course to your health insurance. Your health insurance will then reimburse you for 75 to 100 percent of the course fee.

  • How do I get access to the course?

    After you have completed your registration, you will receive an email from, the host of the online course. It will include a link where you can set a password. After that, you can log in to the online course with this password.

  • How much time do I need?

    The course constitutes 10 modules. You will need approximately one hour for each module. So your time investment for the entire course is ten hours. This is valuable time which you are investing in your health.

  • How much time do I have to complete the course?

    Even though the total time investment is only approx. 10 hours, you will have 12 weeks to complete the course. If anything unexpected comes up, you have the one-time opportunity to extend it by four additional weeks. Access to the course contents is permanently available to you, even after completion of the course.

  • Do I have to be online at specific times?

    No, there are no fixed times. You can work on the course at any time of the day or night.

  • Who has created the course contents?

    The medical topics of modules 1 – 3 have been created by Prof. Dr. med. Hans Joachim von Büdingen, specialist in neurology and psychiatry. The diet and lifestyle topics as of module 4 have been created by Marieke Theil. She is a nutritionist ( M.Sc. Molecular Nutrition) and continued her studies in health psychology.

  • Who is the technical host of the course?

    The course is hosted by the company Elopage GmbH in Berlin. It is a German provider for online courses.

  • Which technical devices can I use for the course?

    You can run the online course on your PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone. The prerequisite is a stable internet connection. 

  • What are the payment options?

    You can pay with Paypal, Visa, instant bank transfer, advance payment, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Would you like to find out more about the course?

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Corinna von Büdingen

Managing Director of Schlaganfallbegleitung

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